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TACK FACTORY CEMETERY and the People Buried at the Border of Middleboro and Lakeville, Massachusetts

by Jean A. Douillette

7" x 10" 190 pages softbound - ISBN # 978-0-9796644-2-7


Jean Douillette was awarded the 150th Anniversary Educational Scholarship by the Lakeville Historical Commission for this work.

Have you ever wondered who is buried in the old cemeteries around town? Where did the people live? What did their houses look like? What were their occupations? How long did they live and how did they die? These are some of the questions answered for one cemetery in TACK FACTORY CEMETERY And the People Buried at the Border of Middleboro and Lakeville, Massachusetts. This book goes beyond just listing gravestone inscriptions to shed light onto what the people buried in this cemetery were like. It includes their portraits, obituaries, biographical information, and much more.

The Tack Factory Cemetery is located on the border of Middleboro and Lakeville, and people from both towns are buried here. Two-thirds of the people interred in this cemetery are related in some way, their relationships are illustrated in charts within the book.


Review for TACK FACTORY CEMETERY and the People Buried at the Border of Middlevorough and Lakeville, Massachusetts by Jean A. Douillette.

When Lakeville separated from Middleborough/Middleboro in 1853, neighborhoods on the new border remained the same, but for some residents there were changes in addresses and town government. The Tack Factory area was divided, the cemetery stayed in Middleboro, and part of the land became North Lakeville. We have author and researcher Jean Douillette to thank for putting the area back together again and giving us a look at the cemetery and the 154 individuals buried there.

Frequently when working on genealogy, a person is fortunate to locate the vital records and, perhaps, deeds and wills. Jean's research has given us more than gravestone locations and inscriptions. She has allowed us to see the people from the perspective of family remembrances as well as newspaper articles and additional records. Her work gives us an opportunity to learn of the trials, tribulations, sorrows, and joys of the Tack Factory area residents. In doing this, she has given us a peek at what life was like for families in Southeastern Massachusetts.

The Lakeville Historical Commission is pleased to have Jean's latest book as another tool in understanding our history.

Nancy A. Johnson LaFave
- Secretary of the Lakeville Historical Commission
- Trustee, Lakeville Public Library