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Lakeville, Massachusetts

Gravestone Inscriptions 1711-2003

Jean A. Douillette

7” x 10” - 463 pages - B & W photos -Soft cover

ISBN: 9780979664403


Researching your ancestors in Lakeville, Massachusetts but can't get there in person? This book has all the information you need about their gravestones.

All gravestones present in the town in the year 2003, are transcribed. The oldest gravestone is dated 1711. Cemetery locations are identified on a town map. The entire epitaph is recorded word for word for each gravestone. Descriptions of carvings on the stone with any poems present are included. Gravestone locations are indexed and mapped. Also included are references to cemetery research by previous authors, and vital records.

Appendices contain more information including cemetery locations by assessor’s plot number and by Global Positioning System coordinates; and a list of signed gravestones.


"For obvious reasons, anyone doing genealogical or historical research in Lakeville will be interested in this compilation. It includes entire epitaphs verbatim from all the gravestones from 31 cemeteries in the town, many photographs of different kinds of gravestones, maps showing grave locations, and notations when the phsical data contradict the official records. Beyond that, this volume will be valuable to anyone contemplating a similar project because it shows how to do it well. Clearly a labor of love (seven years in production), this is also a useful tool and an excellent model for others interested in what local cemeteries offer researchers."

-Sally Jane, American Library Association's Booklist, July 2008 edition

"Lakeville, Massachusetts Gravestone Inscriptions is a remarkable genealogical and historical book that lists the gravestones and inscriptions from the 31 known cemeteries in the town of Lakeville. The organization of the book is very user-friendly; each cemetery chapter provides a history of the cemetery and directions on how to locate the cemetery, an important feature for readers who would like to physically visit the gravestones. Each chapter organizes the gravestone transcriptions alphabetically, and includes the epitaph, information about the physical state of the stone, and the carved artwork on the stone. Informative maps of each cemetery are included, and stones can be located alphabetically or by numbered location. Jean Douillette spent seven years documenting these gravestones, and her hard work reveals the fascinating stories of Lakeville citizens that were cast in stone. Douillette includes references to vital records and previous Lakeville gravestone research such as Charles M. Thatcher's 19th century Massachusetts gravestone transcription project. Since the time of Thatcher's compilation, some of the stones and cemeteries have unfortunately been lost, or the epitaphs faded. Douillette's book, therefore, serves not only as an essential collection of genealogical information about the lives of Lakeville's and Middleborough's residents for the past three centuries, but it also preserves that history for future generations. Lakeville, Massachusetts Gravestone Inscriptions is an essential book for anyone interested in the history and genealogy of Lakeville, MA."

- Mary Blauss Edwards, Genealogist at NEHGS, Boston, MA

"When Jean Douillette first mentioned she was going to compile the inscriptions on gravestones in Lakeville's cemeteries, the Lakeville Historical Commission was excited. Her 463 page book, Lakeville, Massachusetts Gravestone Inscriptions 1711-2003, exceeds expectations. Here is truly an accurate additional tool for genealogist researching families in the Middleboro/Middleborough and Lakeville (West Middleboro until 1853) area.

As a Historical Commission, it is easy to see how delicate historical sources can be. A house fire, acid in paper, items sent to the dump because time was lacking or the contents were considered to be of no importance, mold and mildew, and kindling, it takes so little to destroy elements of history. Jean's painstaking research has preserved information that may have been lost to the ravages of our New England weather.

In addition to being a valuable resource, her style and format are user friendly. First and foremost, it has an index. Site maps of  29 of the cemeteries and five additional appendices makes this a perfect guide when visiting Lakeville."

- Nancy A. Johnson LaFave, Lakeville Historical Commission Secretary