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1831 Map of Middleborough (and Lakeville), MA

This hard to find map was printed from the original hard to find 1831 Map of Middleborough, Massachusetts, surveyed and drawn by S. Bourne. It measures approximately 17.25" x 23". At the time this map was created, Lakeville was still part of Middleborough. The original map has faded since it was created over 180 years ago, and this reprint reflects the age of the original. However, the information contained on it is still very useful for historical and genealogical purposes.

On this map, you will find the streets and homes that were present in 1831. Rivers, ponds, islands, mills, industries, and meeting houses are identified, as well as the wooded areas in the town. Homes and buildings present in 1831 are indicated by black squares on the map.

This map is a valuable resource for historical and genealogical research.